NOmination and RULES for the isimm award

  1. The ISIMM SENIOR PRIZE can be awarded every two years on the occasion of the STAMM conference to recognize outstanding scientists whose professional life has been engaged in doing research at the interface of mechanics and mathematics.
  2. The ISIMM JUNIOR PRIZE can be awarded every two years on the occasion of the STAMM conference to recognize junior scientists authors of outstanding work at the interface of mechanics and mathematics.
  3. The JUNIOR PRIZE is awarded to an individual scientist whose 35thbirthday must not occur before January 1st of the year of the STAMM at which the prizes are awarded. The age limit may be increased by an amount equal to the sum of the candidate's documentable career breaks, up to three years in total.
  4. No more than one SENIOR PRIZE and two JUNIOR PRIZEs are awarded at one STAMM. 
  5. The award of the ISIMM SENIOR PRIZE consists of a medal: the ISIMM MEDAL. 
  6. The award of ISIMM JUNIOR PRIZE consists of a plaque and an amount of money, which is fixed by the Executive Commitee of ISIMM before the STAMM conference. 
  7. The ISIMM SENIOR and JUNIOR PRIZE committee, that decides the recipients of the prizes, is chosen by the Executive Committee of the ISIMM.
  8. This Committee must reflect the cultural diversity of the society, and is normally chaired by the President of ISIMM.  In its deliberations, the Committee has to abide by the usual guidelines regarding conflicts of interest.
  9. Nominations for these awards have to be submitted to the Prize Committee Chair. Any nomination should contain the name and affiliation of candidate, the candidate's date of birth, as well as a description of the work that qualifies the candidate for the award, including references to the candidate's important publications. Nominations are confidential, and must not be disclosed to the candidate. However, in case of extension of the age limit due to career breaks, it is responsibility of the nomination proponents to gather and provide documental evidence.
  10. No current member of the ISIMM Executive Committee can receive the ISIMM PRIZES.